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Become part of Switzerland's new health data ecosystem

OnceHealth - A pilot project for digitization in healthcare.

Progress through digitization

Why a new, joint platform?

Because we want to advance digital transformation in the Swiss healthcare system.
Only if Switzerland transforms its healthcare system to digital processes and all stakeholders put the consumer at the center can efficiency in administrative processes be increased and quality in service delivery improved. And this will help us keeping healthcare costs under control.

Because we think people have the right to know their personal health information at all times.
Today, this data is scattered in "silos" at the various service providers. In a digital world, however, we can expect to have access to our personal health data at any time and from anywhere (as with our financial situation). Only then can we make the right decisions and take responsibility.

Secure storage and controlled provision of healthcare data forms the backbone of digital healthcare delivery.


The new base infrastructure in the Swiss healthcare market

A digital ecosystem with a common, consumer-centric data platform enables all stakeholders to access the latest health data at any time and efficiently share data with each other. 

A common, always up-to-date database for all persons involved in the treatment can massively reduces the effort required for querying and exchanging data.
This increased transparency (e.g., an always up-to-date medication plan) and the improved flow of information also reduce medical redundancies. In this way, the physical burden on those affected and the risk of incorrect treatment can be limited.

The electronic patient record (EPR) has not yet been able to establish itself in Switzerland because the benefits were not sufficiently apparent for those involved. The recognised improvements are not to be expected before 2027 due to necessary legal changes. We are convinced that we need a solution before then.

Praktische Anwendungsfälle


Ein Beispiel-Szenario:

Herr Meier leidet unter einer Herzklappenschwäche und zunehmend auch unter Parkinson. Sein Hausarzt Dr. Müller verschreibt ihm die notwendigen Medikamente mit den zugehörigen Einnahmeanweisungen. Da Herr Meier möglichst lange in seiner gewohnten Umgebung leben möchte, wird er von der Spitex-Pflegefachperson Frau Mitic betreut.

Nach Rücksprache mit Herrn Meier übermittelt Dr. Müller die Verschreibungen an die Digitalis Apotheke. Diese verpackt die verschriebenen Medikamente für den kommenden Monat in den korrekten Dosierungen und schickt diese direkt an die Wohnadresse von Herrn Meier.

Aufgrund einer Grippe-Infektion bestellt Herr Meier ein rezeptfreies Grippe-Medikament. Da Frau Mitic nicht sicher ist wie sich dieses mit den bisherigen Medikamenten verträgt, scannt sie den Strichcode auf der Verpackung und löst mit dem in OnceHealth aktualisierten Medikationsplan eine Verträglichkeitsabfrage aus. Das Resultat zeigt, dass keine neuen Risiken und Nebenwirkungen zu erwarten sind.


A digital data and service platform

Effizienz und Qualität durch eine gemeinsame Vertrauensplattform – Offen für alle Lösungsanbieter im Gesundheitsmarkt zum Wohl von Konsumenten und Gesundheitsfachpersonen.

Privacy & Security by design

The focus is on the individual, whose data is stored in encrypted form and who can determine data access himself.
Access is controlled via verified digital identities. Access by third parties is only possible with the individual's consent. Real-time notifications inform about sensitive health situations.

Structured data - "Once"

Both clinical data and self-generated "lifestyle data" are stored in a common data repository in a structured format. The strict application of international standards (FHIR®, SNOMED, HIPAA, ...) ensures that data once recorded can be used by different parties.


We make data exchange simple and efficient. Our FHIR® platform supports the highest security standards for storing and sharing structured healthcare data. Open and documented interfaces (FHIR® API's) as well as reference implementations facilitate plug & play integration into existing primary systems (HIS, PIS, etc.) as well as rapid implementation of mobile applications.


First prototypes are available

The Once Health platform is available to all interested parties as a proof of concept. Together we are working on the future of the Swiss healthcare system.

The following prototypes have already been implemented and can be demonstrated at any time:

International Patient Summary (IPS)

Medication plan

Vaccination certificate

EPR integration (in progress)

We will be happy to organize a presentation for you!

Once Health

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